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    beatific vision was ever before him—the vision of a beautiful girl just budding into womanhood. The first glimpse he ever had of Hannah Chamberlain was at the little Congregational mee

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    ting-house, which had been supplied with a pastor by the Congregational Board of Massachusetts in response to an appeal from the settlers. He often sat ga

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    zing at her through the whole service, and whenever she looked towards him now and then she might have read in his tell-tale face the passionate emotion which stirr

鈥淵our awesome company slogan goes here, we have the best food around鈥?/h2> would fly to her own room, lay her face on the pillow and give full vent to her


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ime before she was

ed his heart. He was at a loss to understand why her presence had such a strange influence over him. "She reminds me more of mother tha

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rise above the ov

n any woman I have ever met," he mused, as he turned over the leaves of the hymn-book carelessly. Just then Mr. Meach, who had been pre

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aching of the love of Christ, hesitated to find a passage in the old Testament which he intended to read to the congregation. It was the

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nd loss. CH

momentary pause which led Rug to listen to the preaching, for he had not heard a word of what had gone before. "David, in his lament o


ver Jonathan, said: 'Very pleasant hast thou been unto me. Thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.' Sweeter, stronger,


fuller and better than any earthly love," continued the preacher, "is the love of Christ to us. Add together all the love of all the lov

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